Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hooray, Wormies has been submitted!

I finally submitted Wormies to the App Store yesterday. It's been a long development process... I hope it fares well in the vast competition. The ~5000 apps and updates submitted per week will dwarf it pretty quickly I imagine, but oh well. Here is the large App Store icon:


  1. Need an intern? Or Protege?

    My name is Christopher Truman and I am a computer science student at Azusa Pacific University in southern California. I have been developing iPhone apps since last november and am the head of the iPhone development and club at my university.

    I absolutely love Wormies and am a faithful follower of your blog. My ultimate desire is to learn more and more about iPhone/mobile game programming. I am basically emailing to ask if you need an intern or tester or any kind of assistance where I could be beneficial to your team's game design and development.

    My first completed game, Bear Beware, is on the iPhone store and was developed using the Chipmunk physics engine and the Cocos2d iPhone game library.
    See it on the store here:

    I have also developed an app that reads and parses my university's cafeteria menu and shows it to the user based on meal time and location. If you need any other info I will be happy to provide it.

    Hope to work with you!

    1(310) 347-9814

    Christopher Truman

  2. Hey Christopher. Thanks for the kind comments on Wormies. You've actually been developing iPhone apps and games longer than me, and probably have more experience. I'm just one guy doing this as a hobby after work, so I can't really hire an intern or anything.

    It's neat that you have an iPhone development club at your school. I gratuated last Fall in CS and Applied Math, and we didn't have anything like that. It's pretty nice to be done with school now... I'm not missing the constant studying and homework :) .

    I'm going to try using a physics library like Chipmunk in my next project. I'm leaning towards Box2d, as it seems a bit more robust.